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West Midlands Ghost Nights

Unearth a haunting adventure in the West Midlands with Ghost Nights.

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West Midlands Ghost Nights / Ghost Hunting Experiences
If you are looking for that ultimate ghost night then look no further with the Paranormal eye team, We offer a range of Ghost nights, ghost hunting experiences, ghost hunting tours and many more.

We offer you a chance to spend the night inside some of the West Midlands most haunted locations.

With hundreds of guests taken on the spookiest ghost hunting experience of their lives to the most haunted destinations in the country, Our ghost nights across the West Midlands can be a truly terrifying experience.

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Dudley Castle West Midlands Ghost Hunting Experiences / Ghost Nights

Dudley Castle is a fantastic location after dark! Imagine having the whole castle and its grounds to yourself after night. Paranormal eye Uk invites you to venture into the haunted West Midlands and become a real ghost hunter for the evening as we unlock the gates on Dudley castle and ask you to be part of this overnight ghost hunt. Ghost hunting experiences and ghost hunting events with the paranormal eye are not faint-hearted. Book your ghost hunt today.

Smethwick Baths West Midlands /Ghost Hunts/ Ghost Hunting Experiences

Smethwick baths situated in the west midlands is a great place for ghost hunting with its warren of hidden tunnels and many rooms deep below. Fancy being part of this ghost hunting night and see who or what is haunting the tunnels, then book your ghost hunt today with paranormal eye Uk

Ghost Hunts Across The UK

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West Midlands Ghost Hunting Events
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With well over 10 years of Organising Overnight ghost hunts. Paranormal Eye Uk has a seen thousands of guests across many haunt nights. We host Ghost nights, paranormal Evenings across the UK. Ghost investigations in Castles Museuems, Why not check out our ghost hunting events today and book your haunted evening

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