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Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunt 

Friday 17th May 2024 9 pm - 2.00 am Only £45.00 Per Person


Join the team as we open the doors of the historic haunted castle dating back to 1087. Be part of this ghost hunt located in Cambridgeshire. This daunting castle is said to be home to many long-lost spirits; it’s no wonder there are many ghost sightings and stories associated here. It is also known that other buildings, including a Norman Castle, once stood on this site. Previous ghost-hunting events at the castle have left many guests refusing to return to vaults. It is said that strong male energy haunts this location. Drastic icy cold temperatures have been reported, along with disembodied voices coming from deep below the ground in the vaults. Your ghost hunt at this haunted castle will take you back in time as we will investigate the areas on the lower floor along with the terrifying vaults and the deep underground passages underground; there have been many reports of strange lavender smells coming from within this area. Be prepared to enter the darkness on this ghost hunt; It is no wonder this castle is known as the Castle of Nightmares. Who will we encounter this ghostly evening?

Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunt Friday 17/05/2024

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