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Ghost Hunts In Castles 

Castle Ghost Hunts / Haunted Castles

Medieval castles are famous for their haunted history, which has been extensively documented. If you've ever wanted to spend a night alone or with a few guests inside a castle or experience a seance in such a location, this is your chance. Paranormal Eye UK offers ghost hunts, ghost tours, and overnight ghost hunts at some of the UK's most haunted castles. Our overnight ghost hunts take place in the spookiest and most daunting parts of these cold and harsh buildings and are only for the bravest. Participants can expect to engage in vigils, séances, experiments, and more as we work to uncover the ghosts and spirits that reside in these locations. Join the Paranormal Eye team for an outstanding ghost-hunting experience, and see who you will make contact with.

Allerton Castle Knaresborough Paranormal Event

Allerton Castle 

North Yorkshire 

The haunted and mysterious castle is steeped in untold history.

dudley castle ghost hunts uk

Dudley Castle West Midlands

Are you brave enough to enter a haunted castle located in the West Midlands after dark?

oxford castle ghost hunt

Oxford Castle Oxfordshire

Can you unlock the secrets of the haunted Old Victorian Prison, known for its ghostly reputation?

newcastle keep ghost hunts

Newcastle Keep

( Newcastle Castle) 

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Can you face your fears and enter this haunted old keep steeped in history?

jedburgh castle ghost hunts

Jedburgh Castle Scottish Borders 

Unlock the gates to this reputedly haunted castle on the border.

whittington castle ghost hunts

Whittington Castle Shropshire 

An old, legendary castle steeped in myths and ghost stories. A must-visit for ghost hunters!

york castle ghost hunts

York Castle Museum


It is a haunted castle with a rich history that belongs on every ghost hunter's bucket list!

carew castle ghost hunt

Carew Castle Pembrokeshire

A haunted castle set deep in the Pembrokeshire Countryside. Known for its ghostly sightings. Will you join us?

margam castle ghost hunts

Margam Castle South Wales


Remotely hidden away from the busy modern world lies this vast haunted castle with a dark, sinister past!

ghost hunts castle coch

Castell Coch South Wales 

With the many ghost sightings, ghost hunts here can be truly frightening. 

clitheroe castle overnight ghosts hunts

Clitheroe Castle Lancashire

For anyone seeking a ghostly experience, this is a must-visit location due to its strong connections with the Pendle Witches.

tonbridge castle ghost hunts

Tonbridge Castle Kent  

Exploring this castle after dark is a thrilling way to experience the poltergeist activity and the dark past of this location.

gwrch castle ghost hunts

Gwrych Castle Wales

Are you ready to enter the vast, eerie castle known for its many ghostly hauntings?

tutbury castle ghost hunts

Tutbury Castle East Midlands


This location is renowned for its eerie phenomena and spectral sightings, making it an ideal spot for a paranormal gathering.
bolsover castle ghost hunt

Bolsover Castle East Midlands 

A Castle that has many hauntings! Reputed for its full-bodied apparitions. Ghost-hunting experiences are an absolute must for any ghost hunter.

Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunting Night

Wisbech Castle Cambridgeshire
Known as The Castle of Nightmares !
Dare you enter this spooky haunted Vaults 

Caldicot Castle Ghost Nights

Caldicot Castle Monmouthshire
Steeped in Myths and Legends With Many Ghostly sightings witnessed across the grounds.  

Castle Menzies Overnight ghost hunts

Castle Menzies Weem
A Well Known haunted Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Can you face your fears and enter this spooky haunted Castle?

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Castle Ghost Hunts. We offer the most extraordinary haunt nights that will have you exploring inside haunted castles. This is not for the faint of heart. Are you brave enough to join us on our next expedition? Book now and secure your spot for an unforgettable adventure.

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