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Mary Queen of Scots House Ghost Hunt

Mary Queen of Scots House Ghost Hunt

Embark on a haunting adventure at Mary Queen of Scots House in Jedburgh, delving into the paranormal and discovering the echoes of history.

Mary Queen of Scots House Ghost Hunts with Paranormal Eye UK
When darkness Falls, are you brave enough to enter this eerie historic house and be a part of a unique and extremely intense ghost hunt? Situated in Jedburgh, this 16th-century stone house was where Mary Queen of Scots lodged during her visit in 1566, and She is one of the most tragic figures in Scottish history. Many ghosts and spirits are said to haunt Mary Queen of Scots' house. Many believe that Mary is said to haunt this chilling location. Your overnight ghost-hunting experience in Jedburgh will give you a rare opportunity to ghost hunt in this historic house, searching for those that haunt here! Previous Ghost hunts here have proven that this stone house holds many secrets. Join the team as we invite you to become a real ghost hunter for the night, hold vigils, and be part of a séance if you dare!

History Of Mary Queen of Scots House

Mary Queen of Scots House is a small tower house built in Jedburgh and used as a museum. It is between the High Street and the Jed Water. It is built on the T-plan, with a square tower built in the middle of one side of a rectangular hall block. The building overlooks the river, and a stair turret occupies one angle between the two. Admission to the museum is free, and it is open seasonally.
The house was probably built in the 1540s by the Kerr family of Ferniehurst, a couple of miles south of Jedburgh. It was likely made as a local response to the Rough Wooing, where English armies pillaged the borders to force the Scots to marry their child-queen Mary to the son of Henry VIII. Indeed, several fortified houses were built in Jedburgh at this time, the old castle having been destroyed in 1408. After this destruction, six were built to defend the town, one of which was in the area now occupied by the House.

Nothing is known of the history of Mary Queen of Scots House, and the association with the Kerrs is drawn from the fact that the turnpike staircases are built rising to the left, a common feature of Kerr houses as it benefits left-handed swordsmen defending the stairwell. It is assumed that this was the house leased by Queen Mary in 1566 from the Kerrs when travelling the Borders to serve justice and where she lay ill upon returning from Hermitage Castle, where she visited the Earl of Bothwell.
The house has been extended and altered several times, with evidence that a structure spread to the south and a block of tenements to the north, but these have long since been demolished. These extensions were likely late 18th century and short-lived as they do not appear to be present in Roy’s map or the Plan of Jedburgh drawn up in 1775, and they are also absent in the first Ordnance Survey, although a lengthy set of buildings extend along Queen Street to the north. In 1927 the house was purchased by the town of Jedburgh and converted into a museum dedicated to the life of Queen Mary.

Haunting Events Paranormal events

Mary Queen Of Scots House Jedburgh Scottish Borders
Ghost Hunt

Investigating with the Paranormal Eye UK Team throughout the evening
Exclusive access after dark
Group Vigils
Spiritual Medium during the investigation
Working in Small Groups, Using an array of different equipment and techniques
Complimentary Tea, Coffee,
Complimentary light snacks

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Embark on a thrilling journey through time as you join Paranormal Eye on a ghost hunt at the eerie Mary Queen of Scots House in Jedburgh. This 16th-century building holds a significant place in history, as it was the very place where the renowned Scottish monarch sought refuge during her reign. In October 1566, Mary Queen of Scots fell victim to a mysterious illness while visiting Jedburgh, and it was within these very walls that she was tenderly cared for.
Paranormal Eye has had numerous encounters with the supernatural during their previous visits to this haunted location. Visitors have reported hearing phantom footsteps echoing from the spiral staircase, taps and bangs responding to their calls, and witnessing strange mists and shadows. The most unsettling experience awaits those who dare to enter the bedroom where Mary Queen of Scots was nursed back to health, as guests have reported feeling an inexplicable sense of sickness upon crossing its threshold.
When you embark on a ghost hunt with Paranormal Eye, you will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the building and its surroundings during the evening. Not only will you delve into the captivating world of ghost hunting, but you will also learn about the various techniques employed to encourage paranormal activity. Paranormal Eye provides a wide array of scientific ghost hunting equipment, allowing you to communicate with the spirits that reside within. Whether you choose to participate in traditional methods such as Ouija boards, glass divination, and table tipping, or simply sit in the darkness and invite the spirits to interact with you, the choice is yours.
To ensure that you have the most immersive experience possible, you will be divided into smaller groups during the evening. This allows for a more intimate and personalized encounter with the supernatural. However, be forewarned, if you are new to the world of ghost hunting, the captivating allure of this mysterious realm may leave you utterly enthralled and yearning for more by the end of the night. So, brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure as you embark on a ghost hunt at Mary Queen of Scots House, where you may even have the chance to communicate with the enigmatic queen herself.

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