The Paranormal Eye Team offer ghost hunting experiences in the North West in some of the most frightening and spooky locations in the UK. Have you ever wanted to spend the night in  the real extreme darkness ? Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a vast Abandoned building ? Join the team as we enter into the abandoned Park hotel in Morecambe, We also offer ghost hunts in sinister and spooky locations Ordsall Hall, Ryecroft hall and Morecambe Winter Gardens.  

Ghost hunts across the UK are becoming more and more popular, So what ever location takes your fancy your sure to be in for a great experience. From a range of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings with many secrets, To sinister underground tunnels and caves. Ghost hunts across the East and West Midlands will certainly leave you wanting so much more. Delve in the paranormal with our professional and friendly team.  Check out ghost hunting in some of the UK`s most haunted locations with Paranormal Eye UK.


The Abandoned Hotel, Morecambe Lancashire 


The  Park Hotel in Morecambe was once a beautiful elegant hotel for the wealthy , Now totally abandoned. This hotel is an extremely vast location  with many rooms to investigate including daunting long creepy  corridors, servants quarters, cellars, an old library full of old books many which date back to the 1940`s. There is also many old guest bedrooms.  Steeped in untold history, this hotel still has many of its original features. This Grand hotel was left abandoned join the paranormal eye team as we open the doors and welcome you to the five floors of many rooms and stairways to investigate.  Are you ready to enter the sheer darkness of this once thriving hotel ? 


Ordsall Hall, Salford 


Ordsall Hall situated in Salford Manchester, dates back over 820 years. This old vast building has been used for purposes mainly a family home and church hall. Ghost hunts here at the building can be extremely terrifying with dark shadows seen wandering up the stairs to the attic. Loud heavy footsteps, strange swirls of lights are often seen. many visitors have reported seeing a lady wandering through the main hall and the grounds, now known as the white lady many believe this is the ghost of Lady Mary Radclyffe . Will you dare join us on this truly chilling evening ? 


Morecambe Winter Gardens, Morecambe, Lancashire 


The Morecambe  Winter Gardens in Lancashire is one extremely haunted theatre with hundreds of reports of paranormal activity and experiences. Visited by Most Haunted Live back in 2008. Ghost hunts here have left people terrified and many refuse to stay alone in many of the vast areas. Dark sinister apparitions are often seen, and many people have felt extremely uncomfortable especially near the stage area. Ghost hunts at Morecambe Winter Gardens can be a truly terrifying experience. Be ready for the pitch black conditions that await you, Are you ready as we open the doors and unlock the secrets of this extremely sinister location ? 


Ryecroft Hall, Audenshaw, Manchester 

Ryecroft Hall in Manchester has seen  some frightening paranormal activity on ghost hunts, and many staff working here have also witnessed , objects being moved by unseen hands, dark shadowy figures moving around and the sounds of disembodied voices coming from locked off empty rooms  This former hospital has an old mortuary area deep below the house itself, many people have heard what can only be described as distant screams and groans coming from this locked off area

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