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Tettenhall Towers Ghost Hunt

Tettenhall Towers Wolverhampton Ghost Hunt 

Tettenhall Towers Ghost Hunts / Paranormal Events 

Entering this vast building alone can be a daunting task for many people. It is said that doors slam here when nobody is around, and a tall, dark gentleman dressed in period clothing wanders through the long and eerie corridors. Many people avoid standing alone near the stairway balcony, as they feel like they are being pushed over the edge. Lights flicker on and off, and sudden drastic temperature changes are often felt. Do you have the courage to hold vigil in the pitch-black cellars?


Ghost hunts at this location are not for the faint-hearted. Spend a night inside this vast and harrowing building, complete with its grand reception main hall, which is known for poltergeist activity. Dark figures are often spotted moving from room to room in what was once the main house. Disembodied voices, screams, and cries can be heard in the main theatre area. Are you ready to face your fears, unlock the doors, and enter the darkness?

History of Tettenhall Towers 

Tettenhall Towers was once a large family home; The property is now a grade II listed building initially built as a country house on the site of The Holly Bush Inn by Thomas Pearson, on land purchased from the Foley family in the late 18th century. It is set on 26 acres in Wood Road, Tettenhall. In 1853, Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft purchased the property, and over the years, he extended the house, adding the 'towers', which gave it its name in 1866. The colonel was also a keen inventor, so he fitted so much ventilation in most rooms here. There was a sinister side to the Colonel because, among other things, Colonel Thorneycroft was known for pushing his butlers and servants off the top of the towers to test his flying machines, as he was a keen inventor. He also apparently used the towers as a means of communicating with his workforce across the Black Country, waving semaphore flags from the roof! Colonel Thorneycroft made many structural additions to the building, including a great hall complete with a stage and a theatre with seating for 500, featuring a giant indoor 44-foot cascade of water. His eccentricity was genius, and he did invent some essential elements of society, albeit by very controversial means. Inside Tettenhall Towers today, visitors will find a treasure trove of relics from past eras. Some of the more unusual would include Canadian fox rugs and a collection of bird heads. There have been some terrifying reports of paranormal activity on this site over the years, and some visitors have left the building, swearing never to return due to their experiences here.

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