Paranormal Eye UK aim to offer competitive Overnight Ghost Hunts

 in some of the UK's most haunted locations.

The team at Paranormal Eye UK have been investigating the

paranormal for over 5 years.

All of our ghost hunts are carried out in darkness and are mainly

throughout the night.

On our investigations we use scientific equipment like K2 meters,

EMF meters, motion sensors, night vision recording equipment,

 laser grids and the latest EVP recording equipment.

If you are looking for a ghost hunt with a difference why not join

Paranormal Eye UK for an evening.

Your ghost hunt experience starts here.

We currently have exclusive overnight ghost hunts and séance

evenings at various locations.

Paranormal Eye UK also sells a variety of paranormal investigation

equipment at all of our overnight events.
i.e. torches, laser grids, dowsing rods and crystals.


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